Now that spring is here, many of us are thinking about (or putting off) spring cleaning.  Don’t forget to spring clean your finances, too!

  • One of the most important places to clean? Beneficiaries. When was the last time you checked who will inherit your life insurance proceeds or 401(k) balance? Review it today!
  • Review your subscription costs. Write down all the services you subscribe to then look at your bank statements for ones you’ve forgotten about! Cancel those you no longer need and put some money back in your pocket!
  • This spring cleaning season is a great opportunity to check for any missing money! Maybe an old 401k or HSA you forgot to roll over? Check out Missing Money to see if you have any unclaimed property!
  • Don’t forget to check your insurance policies! Review home and auto to make sure your coverage is appropriate, then do some research to check for discounts and ensure you’re getting the best rates!